Project: Student University Information System

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Student University Information System

Involved in this project: Panos Ioannidis, Dionisis Nikas
A Tier 3 Java web application that was developed as a university assignment for the subject of Object Oriented Application Development. The app features a custom authentication system with roles including students, instructors and secretaries. Students are able to view details about their courses and assigned grades. Instructors are able to grade students per course. Secretaries are able to create, edit or delete courses and assign instructors to courses.

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e-Career Office

Involved in this project: Panos Ioannidis, Dionisis Nikas, George Theofilopoulos
A Java web application that was developed as a university assignment for the subject of Software Technologies. The app features a custom authentication system with roles including super admins, admins, students and HR members. Students can upload and manager their resumes. HR members appointed from companies can create classifieds. Administrators can assign students to classifieds, manage accounts and update job categories. Super administrators have complete control over the platform and are able to create new departments and add new companies. This software was developed in phases based on RUP with detailed UML diagrams.


This web application was my first full fledged social network I created in PHP using the Laravel framework. Inspired by features found on Facebook and Twitter, it includes an authentication system, user profiles, topic based post creation with comments and user ratings. Users are able to search for content and receive notifications when others interact with their content. A custom administrative support system is also included, with a functioning report system, knowledge base and account restrictions.

Hamop Social Network

Hamop (from ham radio operator) is an advanced social networking application created as a hobby project of mine. It uses Google's Firebase for the backend and the React framework for the frontend. The styling is based on Tailwind CSS utility-first framework. Visitors are able to sign up using their Google account and create a public profile to interact with others on the website. Registered users can make posts, comments, like other people's posts and earn reputation on their profile. The frontend was hosted on Netlify, so no custom servers were needed. Using free and open source tools, there is no essential cost for the project to be alive.

Marketing Mind

Involved in this project: Maria Mavrommati
The source code that powers Marketing Mind, a marketing consultancy agency that offers integrated marketing solutions based on your business special needs.

Personal Website

The source code that powers my personal website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The React framework is used to build an interactive user interface and the Tailwind CSS library for utility-first styling. The project is open source on GitHub and is currently hosted on Netlify. The website is accessible from two domains: (primary) and (alias).
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